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YourResearchProject Pty Ltd is a company established by Adj/Professor Laurent Frossard in the late 2013. This company was created to fill in the current increasing need for a better understanding and more efficient ways to conduct research for a range of students and professionals.

YourResearchProject is particularly dedicated to support academics, clinicians and engineers to reach their full scientific potential and generate highly regarded research output, such as publications in top-ranked reviews. For instance, we are committed to equip these professionals with the best evidence-based practice that will in return generates invaluable esteem from peers, end-users and patients.

YourResearchProject is also determined to assist academics, clinicians and engineers to fast-track their academic records, particularly the list of publications in top-ranked reviews and the number of international and national highly competitive grants. Indeed, we are dedicated to empower researchers with efficient research skills, such as managing research projects and writing publications and grants that will be essential to secure academic positions in an ever more competitive workforce.