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Adj/Professor Laurent Frossard is an active researcher, project manager and entrepreneur. He has over 25 years of experience both in academia and private industries in Australia, Canada and Europe. He is leading several large scale research projects and collaborates with over 270 professionals in more than 96 organizations worldwide.

His initial expertise in Biomechanics relates to the development of biomechanical tools and improvement of basic knowledge of rehabilitation and locomotion of individuals with lower limb loss fitted with osseointegrated implant and socket. He is currently considered as one of the very few independent experts in the clinical benefits of bone-anchored prostheses.

His academic track record includes over 150 publications, multiple grants and the supervisions of several domestic and international postgraduate students. He is regular reviewer for funding bodies and top-ranked journals such Nature and PLoS.

He has also worked as consultant for various organizations focusing on a wide range and health-related issues such as: design of orthopedic implants, online medical education, teaching innovative procedural skills, implementation of new allied health role, hospital service innovation and health economics of orthopedic procedures.

Adj/Professor Frossard has extensive experience in managing and leading large scale research projects as well as setting commercial collaborations with a wide range of professionals and organizations worldwide.

For more information visit www.LaurentFrossard.com