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YourResearchProject Pty Ltd is a company established by Adj/Professor Laurent Frossard in the late 2013.

This company was created to address the increasing need for a better understanding and more efficient ways to conduct research for a range of students and professionals.

Our mission is to support clinicians, young researchers and postgraduate students to boost their research activities.

Our goal is to provide hands-on advices and practical tools to plan, collect, analyse, publish and promote scientific research activities.

Curriculum Vitae

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We can help boost your research activities – with expert assistance to plan, collect, analyse, publish and promote your research

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Managing research projects
Writing publications

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Latest News

Publication in IEEE about load bearing exercises

Publication - Vertriest S, Coorevits P, Hagberg K, Brånemark R, Häggström E, Vanderstraeten G, Frossard L. Static load bearing exercises of individuals with transfemoral amput..

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