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"Never confuse motion with action"

Benjamin Franklin

YourResearchProject Pty Ltd can assist to plan your research projects.

We can:

  • Outline best practice in research, 
  • Scout research opportunities, 
  • Conduct market review, 
  • Identify translational research opportunities, 
  • Articulate research activities with business developments, 
  • Build successful relationships with organisations in public and/or private sectors, 
  • Develop partnerships with industry, 
  • Identify needs for cross-sector expertise promote future-focused thinking, 
  • Establish funding strategies, 
  • Conduct strengths-weaknesses-opportunities-threats (SWOT) analyses, 
  • Investigate products and/or services, 
  • Create project charter, 
  • Elaborate project scope, 
  • Identify stakeholders, 
  • Assemble teams, 
  • Facilitate relationships between stakeholders, 
  • Establish roles and responsibilities, 
  • Identify milestones, 
  • Allocate resources, 
  • Evaluate risks, 
  • Perform financial planning, 
  • Generate budget, 
  • Protect and exploit intellectual property, 
  • Create activity reports.

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