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One of the most efficient ways to acquire the basic and advanced skill and knowledge that will boost your research is to participate in our workshops.

All our workshops are specifically formatted for the audience. The speaker is not only highly qualified but also an expert passionate about the topic. Interactions with speakers and peers are valued and encouraged. The workshop includes tips. Active learning is paramount. The learning objectives are met using real examples and problem-solving approaches. The content is organised and presented clearly.

At this stage, we offer two set workshops focusing on:

  • Managing research projects efficiently, and
  • Writing high-quality publications in timely manner.

However, we will be delighted to develop and deliver specifically designed workshops to address your particular needs, such as:

  • Tackle ethic issues,
  • Developing an evaluation framework for a new intervention,
  • Assemble an efficient team,
  • Developing an efficient publication strategy,
  • Etc…

For more information, please contact us.