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Writing publications

Academics live under the constant pressure of “publish or perish” as well as “get visible or vanish”. Clinicians must also demonstrate strong track record in publications to confirm competency and gain esteem for their peers and patients. Writing scientific publications is often perceived as time consuming, daunting and frustrating. However, this experience can be easy-going, straightforward and even enjoyable upon application of a simple procedure and some basic principles.

We run a series of 1, 2 or 3-day workshops solely focusing on the “Writing high-quality publications in timely manner” directed at clinicians, young researchers and postgraduate students. Typically, these workshops cover the key aspects of the development of a publication from conception to promotion of the published manuscript, including:

Why publishing?

  • Publish or perish
  • Get visible or vanish

Knowing the literature

  • Organising your bibliography (digital and paper)
  • Who is doing what
  • Clustering publications
  • Critical appraisal of an article

Feasibility study

  • Writing a manuscript is a project
  • Understanding the risk associated with the project
  • Maximising your changes of acceptance
  • Pick a suitable review
  • Understanding bibliometrics


  • Writing a manuscript
  • Organising a fair byline
  • Do the “think” before the “doing”!
  • How to minimise the number of versions and iterations
  • Do and don’t of writing in each section
  • Choose the references carefully


  • Submission (How to write a convincing cover letter)
  • Reviewing process (What to expect)
  • Addressing reviewers’ comments

Post-publication management

  • Remember: Get visible or vanish
  • Message in a bottle!
  • Maximise your exposure: create the buzz!
  • Use of generic and specialised social media
  • Keep track of who is interested

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